Slowing Down Time

In the middle of yoga yesterday morning, I experience time slowing down. It was like I was moving in slow motion even though I was moving at the same speed of the people around me. Has that ever happened to you?

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me. It’s happened at other very monumental times in my life or right before monumental times where I can feel something important, something I want to remember is about to happen, before it happens Every time it happens, I know I am supposed to pay very close attention and remember as many details as I can.

If you think about it, this is kind of like time traveling in a way. In these moments we aren’t worried how much longer until the next activity or how much longer we have to endure whatever we are experiencing. For just a moment, we get to transcend time into a different state of being.

Whenever this happens to me, I know it is the Spirit inviting me, nudging me to back away from the hustle and the to do lists and to focus on being right here in this moment. It is so easy to fly through the days and the moments not being present or aware of all the sacred ordinariness that exists. If you feel like you’re moving in slow motion or moving through molasses, maybe that’s the still, small voice whispering, “Be still. Be here. Look around you.”