First Day Feelings

This morning our son started his first day of second grade. Although he has had many first days of school, this one was different. Maybe it was because he looks so much older now since his baby sister arrived. Maybe it’s because I remember second grade and I know he will too.

But I think it’s because my first year of teaching, I was a second grade teacher. I remember the Spring before being offered a second grade teaching position and being surprised. I had completed my student teaching in third grade and I was sure I was going to be offered a third or fourth grade position. I accepted the second grade position eagerly knowing that I could avoid the pressure of statewide standardized testing and explore learning and growing with my students.

I remember my classroom and all the preparations I made throughout the summer to create a safe and fun learning environment. I remember the stack of books I checked out from the public library. I remember my first day and my first students vividly. The memories we made together still creep back into my heart and mind.

As I watched our son walk into the school building, I prayed that his memories of second grade would be just as fun and that he would be challenged to read more and be more curious about the world. I can’t wait to hear about all he learns!