Power Up

When our four-year-old was little, there was a family call and response. We would say “Power Up!” and she would promptly bring both of her arms up, make muscles and give us the cutest, concentrated face. This became a thing even before she was talking and it was often at the dinner table that we would call and she would respond. There were at least five calls as each member of the family called just so we could see her “power up” face.

The day before we were headed to the hospital to have our newest baby girl, she came to me and gave me a power band, which is what we call the bracelets that come in treat bags at birthday parties. It was a pink Toadette bracelet and much beloved. She handed it to me and said, “You take this mom, so you can power up while you’re having the baby.”

I didn’t remember this conversation until I was unpacking my hospital bag two weeks after we came home. I have to admit I teared up thinking about her thoughtfulness. How did she know that I would need a little extra power? Did she remember all of those call and response table conversations?

So many worries run through my heart and mind as I think about raising her and her sisters in a world where girls have to power up everyday to combat lower pay, changing legislation about their bodies, and societal expectations.

But a peace comes over me as I realize there’s something inherently she already understands. When we power up together or lend our power to each women, we are stronger than ever.