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I Was Taught to Be Afraid

I was taught to be afraid –

of dying before I knew that I knew that I knew I was saved,


of missing opportunities to lead others to Christ,

of not being an example to all the nonbelievers,

of living outside of God’s perfect will,

of being myself.


I was taught to be afraid –

of walking in parking lots by myself at night,

of boys with bad intentions,

of talking to strangers,

of the homeless, the helpless, the desperate,

of people different than me.


I will teach my children –

awareness to see the needs surrounding them,

compassion for all people,

hope to share with the hopeless and the desperate,

love to heal the broken and those in pain,

confidence in their strength and their instincts,


I will not teach fear.

  • purpleprose78

    Love you. I posted something on Friday about this and had my experience denied. I too was taught fear.

    • I’m so sorry your experience was denied. This is how those in power attempt to perpetuate fear. Keep sharing! Your story is important!

  • yaya

    Good for you! Thank goodness for the true message of God’s love, that is not one of fear, but of acceptance and inclusion. Not always easy to decipher in a world of perhaps well-intentioned messengers who preach and teach fear of exclusion and eternal damnation and that that message is the word for word word of God. Makes me so very sad and my sense is that it also saddens God. But there are many who would disagree with me and that’s okay. Still makes me sad. Hooray for you, Merianna, and for every one who sees through this thin and controlling message to the spirit of love that I believe God wants us to know and understand. Thank you for your courage and for sharing your beliefs.

    • The truly sad part is the theological grounding that is used in order to maintain and retain power. This is not the message Jesus preached. Jesus preached given power to the powerless, giving voice to those silenced, and giving hope to the hopeless. When did churches get so far away from the heart of the message and why do they continue to defend this fear-based religion?

  • fairbetty

    Love this.