Einstein and the Theory of Relativity


“Whose interpretation is correct?”

“Einstein tells us that they are both correct within their own frame of reference.”

In arguing whatever end of the world situation I had encountered at Middle School in the car with my dad on the way home, I would almost always end up in tears and almost always end up saying, “You don’t understand! You’ve never been a 13 year old girl!”

It was my trump card and my excuse not to consider logical explanations or solutions. According to Mr. Einstein, my claim is scientifically valid (really wish I had known that a little sooner so that I could have combat my brothers’ and dad’s laughter with scientific proof!). Of course I am grossly oversimplifying this scientific theory, but I think there is a practical application to my personal faith.

Honestly, I have let other observers dictate my personal faith for a long time. If they told me that the lightning struck at the same time and from my seat in the train I saw the front lightning strike first; I yielded to their observation. I believed that their experience and wisdom was really right and mine was wrong because they had a better vantage point or that they had experienced more lightning strikes than I had. But the truth is that no one else can tell me what I have experienced or am experiencing. Even if they have been through a similar experience or encountered similar challenges; it is never the same for two people. And actually that’s what makes life so interesting. It doesn’t repeat itself. It is compromised of so many different stories and experiences. When we share and respect those individual experiences, we all end up with fuller more enriched lives.