The Power of Social Media

I’m astounded at the number of teachers who complain about teaching in the age of accountability and yet do nothing.

We are letting the press and media talk about untruthfully and unfairly about us and our students and we are doing nothing.

“It’s the law. There’s nothing we can do.”

True. It’s hard to overturn legislation, particularly if you are not a legislator; however, we can provide counterexamples. We can spread some truth about what students are learning rather than just letting parents, professionals and politicians read and make decisions based on the one hit wonder: high-stakes testing.


Social Media

(it’s actually what I’m doing right now)

I know that your school has blocked Twitter and that the district will trace your web activity and you might lose your job. The way I understand it, you might lose your job anyway if your test scores aren’t good enough.

It’s time for teachers to speak for themselves rather than being spoken for. It’s time for us to have a public presence.

If Twitter and Facebook can play a significant role in revolutionizing whole countries’ governmental systems, I think it’s worth a try, don’t you?