The Power of Social Media

I’m astounded at the number of teachers who complain about teaching in the age of accountability and yet do nothing. We are letting the press and media talk about untruthfully and unfairly about us and our students and we are doing nothing. “It’s the law. There’s nothing we can do.” True. It’s hard to overturn …

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Tales of a Technology Teacher

There’s something about being a technology teacher that elicits all kinds of unprovoked bitter diatribes from people. The conversation always starts off nice and neutral and then the question: What do you teach? History and Technology Oh typing, right. No actually we have been doing a lot of blogging and video editing. Oh that’s interesting …

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Figuring it out

I grew up in the you-need-a-cell-in-case-of-an-emergency mindset. Texting was around, but the online social community was still based in instant messaging on computers (side note: this is how I learned to type, not by looking under the cardboard screen in typing class!) I was in college at the perfect time for the Facebook outbreak (which …

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