Depth vs. Breadth

The continuing question for teachers is do you cover more less deeply or cover less more deeply?

It’s a hard question to answer especially within the context of the high-stakes testing emphasis.

Will Richardson is trying to challenge his own thinking in his post What Do We Absolutely Need to “Teach”:

[W]e could probably do away with 75% of what we currently attempt to “deliver” to every child in the system. In doing so, we could free up a whole lot of time for students to learn deeply around the things they care about (as opposed to the things we think they need to know) and, in the process, get to much of that good stuff that I mentioned above.

This isn’t a discussion or question that is unique to teaching.

As a new affiliate marketer, I am wrestling with the same question.

Which affiliate programs do I choose? How many should I chose? Which ones should I chose?

My idea (and I’m not sure it’s the right one considering how new I am to this) is to go with depth rather than breadth. So I’m carefully choosing the affiliate programs that pertain and are applicable for me.

Just because I’m learning about affiliate marketing doesn’t mean that I have changed my belief that covering something deeply is more beneficially than covering more less deeply.