Learning Linkshare

When I first joined the affiliate marketing world, Linkshare was my first attempt to dive in, but honestly I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know which the programs were worth applying to and I didn’t know how many to apply to. Was there a limit? How did you get approved? What did they look for in a worthy affiliate marketer? Did I have it?

It reminded me of my first couple of days of teaching when I was shown around the school and was led to the resource room. As I hovered near the door, I looked into the room overwhelmed. Not only was I about to have 21 second graders under my charge, but I was going to have to provide them with meaningful learning experiences and these resources I knew where going to help me, but what were they?

I returned to Linkshare interested in the new Starbucks affiliate program and found that the new advertisers under the programs tab. The incredible part of Linkshare is that not only are they interested in creating a bridge between advertisers and affiliates, but they are also interested in helping new affiliates get started by providing an internal messaging center and multiple reporting options.

Thanks Linkshare for helping new affiliates!