Integration = Innovation

Companies who aren’t integrating with other industries can’t innovate.

Innovation and technology are dependent on the ability to connect to other industries.

In the world of teaching and affiliate marketing, there is an emphasis to specialize, to find your niche, to teach and market through standardization.

Although it’s true that you have to find the area that you ignites your passion, it doesn’t stop there. Integration is essential to making that passion relevant and accessible to other people.

I studied to be an elementary teacher, but that education led me to Germany where I taught middle school English so that when I returned to the States I had one year of middle teaching experience and now am teaching German.

Don’t sell yourself short.

Your experiences and your passion are what make you who are you, but that doesn’t limit what you can do. Define yourself and integrate your experiences with what you want to do.

When you do, you find that you are creating a new field, a new disciple, a new experience.