It’s Worth the Sweat and Tears

I’ll never tire of reading (and writing) about the struggle to have a student-centered classroom.

My shift to a student-centred classroom has been a roller coaster ride, but well worth the work and effort

The standardization movement is making this transformation process even harder for teachers. Rather than reward shifted or flipped classrooms administrators are actually calling those teachers in and asking them to “tone it down.”

If you are beginning on this journey, make sure you have some student samples to back yourself up!

For the most part, my students are engaged and have started to take responsibility for their education. We view knowledge as a process, not a product. I think the most valuable skill my students have acquired is the ability to learn, unlearn, and re-learn.  Given today’s constantly changing world, this is one of the most important things they’ll take with them when they graduate.

Let’s join these students and unlearn what legislators have said produces student achievement and relearn what our students really need to succeed.