Sneak Peek Inside Roundtable for ASW12

I have been a part of the affiliate marketing network for about 6 months now, but being at Affiliate Summit changes that experience. Now there are faces and stories that literally flesh out twitter handles and blog posts.

This is a community that is always tweaking, always searching, always challenging themselves toward something new.

That community is not only beneficial for the growth of the community, but also individual growth.

What a teacher can do – all a teacher can do – is work with students to create a classroom culture, a climate, a curriculum that will nourish and sustain the fundamental inclinations that everyone starts out with: to make sense of oneself and the world, to become increasingly competent at tasks that are regarded as consequential, to connect with (and express oneself to) other people

But just as the classroom community is being threatened by standardization and impeding legislation, so too is this affiliate community that has been intact for 10 years.

How can we preserve this community?