Teaching Teachers How to Learn

If you have been in the classroom for a number of years, odds are that integrating technology into the classroom was not a part of your teacher education program.

But Digital Is.

So rather than fighting it, why not take the opportunity to teach yourself how students are learning.

Students are using the internet to learn how to do anything they want to do. He was speaking primarily about middle school and high school students, but I figured the same would be true for me as well. So, I started using the internet to learn how to do what I wanted to do – blog, make videos, make podcasts, publish student work, etc. Of course it wasn’t easy, butI wanted to learn it so I did. (That is key – my learning was self-directed.)

As a 21st Century teacher it is hard to keep up with students and the rapid pace that they process information, but if we try to do as they do, maybe we have a fighting chance.