Wait and See

If you had been in my classroom, you would have seen students teaching me, especially in my technology class. My students taught each other and taught me to explore and to never give up. We were co-learners. They were active participants in forming the curriculum determining what we studied and I expected that they used their class time as time to collaborate with each other.

It sounds odd, especially if you’ve never experienced a classroom organized like this, but it’s a philosophy that both Sam Harrelson and I adhere to as teachers.

That philosophy guides both of our beliefs that learning and marketing are an active experience, not a passive one. Daniel’s right handing a business card to someone doesn’t interrupt a conversation and doesn’t cause people to hesitate.  (I’m sorry, Daniel, but you brought it up again.)

That lack of hesitation, that passive interaction doesn’t produce learning or deep understanding that will follow affiliates back on their return flights.

But asking someone to actively participate in the interaction of exchanging information will.

Wait and see.