Open Book Business

We are often told to be ourselves or to be an open book, but there are cultural and societal expectations that tell us:

It’s a trap!

Don’t fall for it!

Put up your walls!

Protect yourself!

What would happen if in life and business, if we were really open?

TinyLetter did.


Dear TinyLetter users,
I regret to inform you that our launch of TinyLetter 2 that was planned for yesterday is going to have to be postponed.
We were sooooo looking forward to this, but we found too many wrinkles we wanted to iron out just before launch.
Sort of like a touch and go landing–things just didn’t feel right, so now we’re gonna pull back, gun it hard, and take another pass at this.
Honestly as a consumer of their product, it only makes me respect them more. I’ve missed deadlines; I’ve had to redo or rework lessons, assignments or even grades.
It’s nice to know that there are businesses that aren’t pretending and really want to provide a quality product for their customers even if it means not launching on the announced date.