The Big Dipper Tipped

I was driving home last night and I noticed that the stars were especially bright.

When I looked out, I found the Big Dipper, one of the only constellation I remember from my 5th grade science class, but it was on its tip. I can’t remember ever seeing it straight up and down.

Now I knew enough to know that even though it appeared that the Big Dipper moved, it was actually me or rather the Earth that had moved (although all parts of the galaxy are in constant motion).

It made me stop and think.

If in a faculty meeting, something is being presented and you think to yourself. The reading assessment has moved or the standards are moving again. Everything looks different! Hmmm the Big Dipper moved!!

Maybe it’s not everything else that’s moving, but rather that you are moving and changing and so too are your idea.

Maybe it’s a good reminder to all of us that the universe is in constant motion, so our desire to keep things the same or stop moving and changing is actually an impossibility on a cosmic level.

Maybe it’s the movement and the motion that provides us new perspectives and helps us to see things, like the Big Dipper, in a new light.