Schools aren’t people; they are full of people

A school, finally:

During the nine years I have been teaching at my public school, the school has received grades of D, C, B and finally this year we achieved an A. Next year, due to the state of Florida changing the grading standards (which they have done every year since they decided to grade schools) we are projected to become a C school.

Schools can’t take tests or study for tests and yet they still get bad grades.

What happens if schools receive bad grades?

Just like many students, they get grounded and lose privileges like their “allowance” and having free time to explore programs that interest them.

Instead they have to stick to the basics.

Study and learn.

Although, I love personification, this is too far.

Schools aren’t people.

They are full of people.

And those people are being grounded and losing privileges because of personification taken too far.