Stuck in a Whirlwind

Good thoughts: 

One of the oldest problems with the left or progressive movement is our tendency to drag ourselves down through internal struggle over who has the most correct political line. We are seeing some of this dynamic emerge in the movement against high stakes testing. Perhaps it is a coming of age – a sign of our success – that we have a strong enough movement that people are taking these issues seriously. But I am afraid we are going to squander our precious momentum by turning our anger on one another, when there are very clear assaults taking place on teachers and students across the country.

The easiest way to avoid change it to turn the people involved in creating and implementing the change against each other, so that instead of going forward, they just end up going in circles. Unfortunately, schools get stuck in this whirlwind more often than not.

If we can find our voice and unite our voice, we have more of a chance of having someone listen to us.