Flip Flop

As summer arrives (maybe not soon enough for us teachers), we long to wear flip flops and non teacher clothes, but also maybe to flip flop some things around for the coming year.

As your thinking about flipping your classroom, remember what it truly means:

“Flipping the classroom” means using class time differently than you would in the traditional mode of instruction — which is to say this: Why waste class time lecturing/presenting during class meeting times when you can ask students to listen to lectures via video outside of class, and then use class time for interaction with students, hands-on group activities, group problem solving, in-class writing, etc.?


As we enter that mentally and physically exhausting period at the end of the school year, our tired teacher eyes perk up when we start considering the possibilities of “next year’s” (meaning the new crop of students we’ll be working with in 2-3 months) experiences.

One of the things I’m personally looking forward to is whether or not I can do cartwheels with my co-learners…

Aim high.