Dear Reader

Sometimes, like today, I just need to immerse myself in a book.

I need to escape from my reality, from my conflicts, from my tensions and walk around in someone else’s for awhile. As I walk with these characters and I help them figure out their conflicts, challenges and problems by reading on, I feel like there is hope.

I know that life isn’t meant to be comfortable and easy and honestly, I don’t want to live a life that is void of the tensions that help me grow and remember that I don’t have this life thing figured out. I want to know that I can’t give up and I still have to stick with it. I want to know that I have to work to make each day a day that makes me able to put my head on my pillow and sleep soundly. I want to know that I can’t control the world around me.

And escaping to another world, another life, another journey for a bit where I can see the resolutions helps me to see more clearly where I am headed.

So reader, read this part of my journey and know this is just the middle of the book, not the end because I will read on and carry on.