Running Etiquette

If you are wondering whether there is a rhyme or reason to why runners act a certain way, wonder no longer! There is!

If you are running outside on a path, then here a couple of tips that will make you look like a natural:

  1. Run on the right: I know this sounds like a no brainer, but runners know that running on the right means that you recognize that you are in a community of people on the trail. You know that cyclists or faster runners may be coming by and so you give them room by running on the right. 
  2. Say hello: Whether you are out of breath or not, most people do acknowledge people when they pass them with a head nod or a hello. This is part of the fun of running where lots of people do, you know you are not alone!
  3. Pass with purpose: It is not uncommon to pass people who are going the same direction as you are, so there is no need to hesitate. You can let someone know you are coming by saying, “On your left,” or “Excuse me,” if they perhaps don’t know that they are supposed to be on the right side of the trail! Try to speed up to pass quickly rather than tailing them with heavy breathing : )

Happy running!