Dog Park Afternoons

So, we’ve kinda developed a routine me and Willie. 

I try to work through lunch now and then come home in the early afternoon and take him to the dog park. He thinks it’s wonderful! 

As soon as I put his collar on, he is ready to go. His tail starts wagging and if I am too slow, he starts barking at me to hurry up. He’s tall enough so he can see out the window now and when we make the turn into the park, he starts whimpering to get out. 

It’s nice to see him recognizing where we are and what we are doing, but it’s even more fun to see him when he sees a dog he knows. He gets really excited and runs back and forth between me and the dog as if he’s saying, “Look who’s here! Did you see this?” 

Let’s hope the snow slows down so we can go this afternoon again!