Bath Battle


I called yesterday to book Willie’s puppy bath only to find out that he was too old for a puppy bath! Now, if I want to take him to a friendly pet store so that they can fight the bath battle, then I have to pay for a bath for an adult German shepherd!


I am not sure where the last 5 months have gone, but they have gone very quickly. Willie has grown so much from his first bath. He now towers above the edge of the bathtub and I am just waiting for the moment when he realizes that he can indeed jump out of it. Today, after I had given him a bath and was attempting to blow dry him just a little so his wet trail wouldn’t be all over the house, he was growling at the hair dryer and snapping at it as if he was saying, “Oh yeah, I’m bigger now and I don’t have to take this!”

He is so cute and friendly with the store clerks when I take him to get a bath, but when it’s just me and him in the bath battle, he is does not speak to me for an hour or two afterwards. Eventually, when his fur is dryer and he isn’t as itchy as he was before the bath, he looks at me with those big brown eyes and says, “Sorry, mommy. It does feel better.” 

The bath battle will continue and unfortunately I am at the disadvantage because he is still growing neither I nor the bathtub are, but at least I can say I got a work out in today : )