Seeing the World through a Puppy’s Eyes

I have to just stop and laugh at Willie sometimes. 

Like when he falls off the bed because he doesn’t know how close to the edge he is or when he runs into the leg of a chair because he’s so excited about good or when he totally bites it because he’s so excited to be hiking. 

It makes you see things differently because he sees things differently. 

There are so many things that in my 28 years I’ve just gotten used to…cows, horses, lightning, thunder, but he’s experiencing them for the first time and just can’t help but stop in his tracks and watch and wait. 

I’m sad to say that nothing has made me stop in my tracks in a while. I just have gotten so used to living. I know it sounds strange, but to walk through the first year of his life with him has made me see the world through his eyes. 

Taking care of him has made me stop in my tracks and slow down and live and breathe and be.