Morning Hike

Since it has been so warm and the change was kinda drastic, I decided to take Willie for a morning hike to see how that would work out. We have season passes to Biltmore, so it provides for the perfect setting close enough to make it to work on time and get a little fix of wilderness. 

It was actually perfect. We didn’t see another person the whole time, but we saw plenty of geese, rabbits and turkeys. Willie’s ears perked up as the geese honked at us as we intruded on their morning quiet. We wandered and admired the new mulch that had been placed on the Bass Pond trail. We stopped and looked for a woodpecker who was trying to wake up everyone else with his need to knock on a huge oak tree. Although this was all great, it was even better to see Willie’s little face look up at me with his tongue hanging out saying, “This was the best idea ever!” 

It’s funny how a change in schedule can change your whole perspective!