Are you ok?

Ok, I give up.

I’ve now been asked at least 5 times this week alone if I am doing ok.

You know I thought I was, but now I’m wondering if I am!

Sure, I’ve gotten married, accepted an interim pastor position and moved to a new city in less than 3 months. That’s not normal?

Maybe not, but I can honestly say that I feel more myself than I have ever felt before. That doesn’t mean that I’ve answered all the questions I have about what it means to be a pastor or what lies ahead. But rather than working towards something, I feel like I have finally found the road I was called to travel (rather than wandering through the woods trying to find my way). This new finding (or maybe being found) allows me to answer your question, “Are you ok?” Yes, yes I am.

So, thanks for asking because I know it means you care.