Yesterday, the world was quiet in our neck of the woods. Snow covered everything as we slept wondering what the next morning would hold. It was wonderful to take the pups out for our walk and to see that very few people were out and about. Almost every house had their cars parked in their driveways in the middle of the morning. It was quiet except for the sound of delighted squeals as snowballs were being thrown.

So, today I was overwhelmed by how loud everything was. I was overwhelmed by how noisy every day activities are. Everything seemed louder after the soft snow served as a sound insulator. And I just wanted to go back to the snow covered day and the gentler noises.

But that’s the thing about unexpected surprises. They have a way of changing the way you see the world and the way you operate in the world. So, that when you come back to the “real” world or “normal” life it isn’t quite the same because you aren’t quite the same. And it’s in these moments and in the solitude that we slowly become more of who we were meant to be.

So, I’ll seek that place again, snow or no snow to discover and uncover who I am meant to be, but for today, I will walk without stomping and talk while whispering capturing just a bit of quite in the noisiness that surrounds me.