Why Can’t I Get a Job at a Church

I am entering in my last semester of seminary.

I’ve been interimming at a church as the pastor for the past 5 months. Now, I am looking for jobs and am acutely aware that there are not jobs for seminary students who are recent graduates.

I had opportunities while I was still in seminary. Opportunities for internships. Opportunities for interims, but those don’t exist anymore. I’ve applied for 5 jobs: 4 or which are part time and 1 that is 3/4 of a job. There aren’t jobs for seminarians who have graduated. Period.

I’ve embarked on a 92 hour leap of faith only to discover that that step of faith will land me in debt that I can’t repay, trying desperately to find a job in ministry when there are none, especially for women. Hiring a woman is controversial, edgy, risky. So, then where does that leave me as a pastoral studies major graduating in May?

I’m just disappointed that there aren’t a plethora of job options and that the job options that do exist pit colleagues against colleagues all in an effort to support their families and repay student loans. Isn’t there something else that we could be doing to support young ministers? Isn’t there more?

As the Lorax says:

Unless someones cares a whole awful lot. Nothing is going to change. It’s not.

I care. I just wonder if there’s anyone else out there who does.