Small Churches the Future of Church?

I’ve experienced this first hand:

In the face of this reality, a new opportunity is emerging. In fact, there’s growing evidence this new generation will bring the greatest opportunity for small church ministry in 2,000 years.

Why? Because, as the first generation with a majority born and raised outside traditional marriage, genuine relationships and intimate worship—what small churches do best—will matter more to them than it did to their parents.

Having always grown up in large churches, I didn’t know what to expect when most of my pulpit supply was for small churches. Then, I realized there was something wonderfully real about small churches. Everyone knew my name, even if it had been a year since I had preached at the church. Also, I could actually see the faces of the congregation from the pulpit. I was able to interact with them as we worked through the passage of scripture for the morning rather than having a presentation to give.

Sam had always told me how special it was for him to have grown up in a small church, but I didn’t quite believe him until we found Emmanuel. We are walking with this congregation as they experience joy and heartache, and they are walking with us. That’s something you don’t find often and certainly something worth holding onto.