It’s Not Women Pastors’ Fault

In a recent interview, Paige Patterson said:

Patterson said by 1979, the year the conservative resurgence was launched, “the bridle was off the horse, and Southern Baptist Convention was destined to look like the United Methodist Church with female pastors everywhere.”

“Quite a number of churches who disaffiliated from the denomination have now installed women as pastors,” he said. “Meanwhile, I know of no church that is presently actively involved in the Southern Baptist Convention that boasts a female pastor.”

It’s interesting that his observation about female pastors comes in the midst of a discussion about the 750 missionaries that are being brought back to the US because of budget cuts. This does not include the number of people who have resigned, like Wade Burleson, for the gag order issued.

I’m sorry, Mr. Patterson, but women pastors aren’t to blame for the current dilemmas the Southern Baptist Convention is facing. When your doctrine includes silencing women, blacks, divorcees, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender, there’s an inherent flaw in your doctrine and theology. You are silencing and oppression God’s very own creation in order to protect and preserve the power of a few who look like you.

I know you are proud to claim that there “isn’t a church presently active in the Southern Baptist Convention that boasts a female pastor,” but you must also admit that many of your churches have pastors who are adulterers, sexual predictors, embezzlers, and racists. Are you sure not having a female pastor would be worse than these who you claim are ordained by God, speak on behalf of God, and are doing God’s work? By working so hard to maintain power and control, you are enabling these leaders to continue to oppress and abuse God’s people. Are you sure that’s what the gospel teachers?

I know it’s not. It’s why I left the Southern Baptist Convention. It’s why I joined those destined to restore the historical baptist heritage that allows for every member to have a voice in the life and work of the church. My church exists of people who swore off God and swore off church because of the way you are allowing your pastors and ministers to use the institution of church and the word of God for political gain and the oppression of people.

If you’re ever in Lexington, SC, we would love for you to come visit our church and experience the way a welcome and affirming body of believers can transform their community by following God rather than denominational mandates.