The Screen Between: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

He didn’t know

there would be

a screen between

when he said,

“I have a dream.”

A screen between

that would intervene

And make us forget

the humanity we try to hide

because of our pride

sitting on the other side

of the screen between.

It’s easy to type

words we wouldn’t say

if we were looking into a face

instead of a glowing space.

There are still fingers

and hands

and hearts

typing those words

that appear

on the screen between.

And eyes that read

and ears that hear

those typed words –

Two people connecting

although not seeing one another

because of the screen between.

“I have a dream,”

his words ring true

for me and you

living in a world

with a screen between.

May we see

and hear

and remember

and dare to dream

even with the screen between.