Entering Eastertide: Endure

This is incredibly difficult. If you find yourself uttering at the end of the day, “Why O Lord?” or perhaps, “How long O Lord?” You are not alone. This is our prayer together.

Over the past three weeks, the reminder I have received was to find joy. Find joy in time to make better coffee. Find joy in hidden pathways to the pond. Find joy in siblings that get more time to play together. This has helped immensely. It was as if I was given a scavenger hunt each day. There was something out there that would bring joy.

This week the reminder has changed. Again and again I have heard friends comment, “This life isn’t sustainable. Something has got to give.” If you have thought this or spoken this, you are not alone. We are all feeling this.

But with reports coming out this week of churches who have gathered and now have to close back down because of the number of people who were infected by just one worship service, it would be good to remember that the virus hasn’t gone away even as places open.

Perhaps the reminder for all us is the reminder I received from Barack Obama’s Dreams of My Father:

Her voice sounded different to me now. Behind the layers of hurt, beneath the rugged laughter, I heard a willingness to endure. Endure-and make music that wasn’t there before.

Endure. Don’t lose heart. We are only just getting started in this new life even though politicians and business owners and even at times church leaders try to convince us that it’s time to get back to normal.

Endure. May God grant you the strength and perseverance to continue to keep your family and the most vulnerable among us safe.