Entering Eastertide: Losing Connection

Since there are so many people who are working from home in addition to having children who are home trying to do schoolwork, there are several times throughout the day that we lose internet connection. This connection is important for uploading school videos as well as the work my partner and I do.

As I thought about what a frustration it is to lose connection especially in the middle of uploading something, I thought this is a pretty good representation of where we all are now. We have lost connection.

We have lost connection to our families because we are trying to keep those in our families who are most vulnerable safe. We have lost connection to our school communities. Now those times catching up with someone in carpool line seem so very important. We have lost connection to our church communities as we miss those conversations we had before worship and after worship.

In so many ways, connection was easy because we were in the same place at the same time. To be sure, we missed opportunities to connect and check on each other, but at other times that connection was so strong that it was almost visible.

This is the hardest work we are going to have to do in this new normal. We are going to have to find ways to reimagine connection. Ways that keep us safe, but also that ground us and wrap us in a web of belonging.

Holy Spirit, connect us to each other in surprising and mysterious ways. Amen.