Evening Storms

It’s definitely summer here. As the sun sets, the skies often turn dark me. The darkness is followed by the rolls of thunder and the flash of lightning on the horizon.

There’s a mad dash to the porch to pull in the riding toys we’ve been using daily since quarantine, so they don’t rust. Sometimes as the rain begins to pour and the porch door opens a dog that’s been left outside rushes in.

These are the days that remind us that the summer sun and the summer heat do have counters. The evening storms also bring cool morning breezes.

The summer storms aren’t the only storms we are encountering. Every day here in our state, the number of case numbers roll in as the day begins to wind down. Every night there are reports of protests around the country. Every day there are stories of another soul who has lost their life from police brutality.

And as the storms roll in, some of us make a mad dash to avoid the conversations and confrontations. Some of us are glad that the porch door is finally open and we can find others who are seek to provide sanctuary. Some of us have been out in the storm so long our voices are getting rusty.

“Let justice roll down like waters and righteous like a mighty stream.” Martin Luther King Jr. Letter from a Birmingham Jail