Something New

As I watch the posts from parents of end of the school year awards’ days, graduations, and field days, I think about how we are moving into a new season. We are moving from the daily hustle of getting up and getting into school into the summer days filled with camps and new schedules. For many families, they are moving into a completely new season of being empty nesters or starting a new division of school. All around, people are experiencing something new.

It might not seems so significant, after all, we encounter this newness at the end of every school year. We know the routine. It’s new, but not all that new.

It would be easy to pass by all the newness in an effort to get into a new routine or a new schedule, but when we move pass transitions like this one, we forget the miracle of entering something new. A new time, a new place, a new season all whisper of change and growth and possibility. The newness is what reminds us that we aren’t done becoming. We are in the midst. When we stop and see the newness of this season, we are able to see the newness in our selves.

This newness whispers of God’s promise in 2Corinthians: “So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation. Old things have passed away, and see all things are made new.” Maybe it’s not a coincidence that all these new things, all these milestones in the school year come in the midst of the blooming and blossoming of Spring. Maybe it’s a reminder that the Divine is calling us to stop and see all the newness all around us. Maybe all the newness is a whisper, “Keep growing. Keep creating something new. Keep becoming new.”