National Daughter Day

Today is National Daughter Day, which just happens to fall after a full weekend where all four of our daughters were together. As I have walked this journey of mothering daughters, every season and stage has led me to understand that it is extremely difficult to grow up in a female body. From preschool princess parties to second grade notes wars to deciding where and with whom it is safe to express big feelings, there is a constant weighing and negotiating that is a part of my daughters’ experiences.

I am sure I felt that at times growing up, but it feels different. The world is drastically restricting girls’ rights to be embodied and to trust their own bodies threatening violence and legal ramifications more and more. I am certain that each of our daughters has the strength to face these challenges, but it doesn’t mean I wish they didn’t have to encounter them.

As we were getting ready for worship yesterday morning, our 10th grader and 8th graders were standing in the bathroom with our four-year-old asking her how she wanted her hair done. The picture stopped me in my tracks. There they were together getting ready for the day and I thought, this is it. This is the key to whatever lies ahead: they have each other. They are together. And together they will be able to face whatever the day holds.