Keeping Watch Over Night

When we were in the hospital as we welcomed our daughter into the world, I was reminded of those who work and keep watch over night. We had the same night nurse both nights and she explained that she had always worked nights. She found it to be peaceful and fulfilling to help patients through the darkest part of the night.

Now as feeding a newborn in the middle of the night is a part of my day, I find my thoughts wandering towards the other caregivers keeping watch over the night. The other new parents caring for minihumans. Those who have insomnia. Those who are making deliveries, transporting food and supplies so that they will be available for the next day. Those who are guiding lives from this world to the next.

These are the people who are in the darkness. These are the people keeping watching over night. These are the people who are wondering and perhaps worrying about the biggest questions in the world.

And so to the night watchers, thank you. Thank you for keeping watch. Thank you for waiting for the light. Thank you for nourishing those who need care and comfort in the dark.