Lent: Finding Rebirth

Our kids love going on nature walks. They want to find creatures and treasures. It’s always interesting and fun to see what they find that qualifies.

Often our Saturday trip to the park ends with what we call “turtle time,” or the search for turtles in the pond that is adjacent to the playground. For weeks we have been diligent in our search and also aware that the colder weather meant we would probably not see our turtle friends.

And then last week, we found them! Their heads were popped out of the water searching for sun and food. They were over the moon. And then the eight-year-old exclaimed, “Mom, look! A teeny, tiny turtle!” I looked and there indeed was a teeny, tiny turtle. The next generation of turtles learning to soak up to the sun and swim away when danger got too close.

There was rebirth unexpectedly and surprisingly. Isn’t that usually how rebirth happens? Not in some allotted time, but instead after weeks and weeks of seeing no sign of even the previous life, suddenly there is rebirth. The very real evidence that new life is growing and incubating even when we can’t see it.