Creature Comforts

When I was young, I had a blanket that I took everywhere with me. I use the term blanket loosely. In reality, it was a full length silk nightgown. I called it my night night because I had to have to go night night. Pretty clever, right?

My night night and I were inseparable. I dragged it behind me through historic Williamsburg and dragged it to my grandparents’ house next door. My night night made new situations and new people seem not so scary.

Now that I have studied education, I understand the psychological explanation of why I was so attached to what became tattered rags. I was looking for security and comfort as I encountered a world I was just beginning to understand. I was looking for a little bit of home when I wasn’t at home.

When I started school, it was time to leave my night night at home rather than taking it with me.

With orientation for my Master’s of Divinity program one week a way, I can’t help but think of this as a parallel experience. My creature comforts of a field that I have worked in for four years and rhetoric that I’m familiar with are being left at home. What I’ve believed and found comfort in is about to be questioned and challenged.

My nights will probably be restless and sleepless, but I know leaving those creature comforts behind as I explore a new community will bring a more complete understanding of who I am.