The Brilliance of the Occupy Movement’s Marketing

As I was listening to NPR yesterday, I was struck by their analysis of the occupy movement.

They commented, quite surprised themselves, that the occupy movement is

already more creative and popular than many other social movements

In asking why, they actually provided important marketing advice for new affiliates. The occupy organizers thought through their plan before they even began. They didn’t absentmindedly pursue many different avenues, but stuck to simplicity.


They chose brash logos.

They chose the word  occupy that can be used in a variety of different contexts.

They chose a catchphrase We are the 99% that is so inclusive that it appeals to almost everyone.

They chose to communicate through social media.

In a closing statement, one of the organizers commented

We will take whatever form we need to take to get where we need to go.

Are affiliates willing to do the same?

Are affiliates willing to change and adapt to the ever increasing use of mobile devices?

Seems like we could learn something from the occupy movement.