I love reading young adult literature. There is so much depth and insight packed into each page.

I just finished reading The Skin I’m In by Sharon Flake and I wasn’t disappointed.

I have heard so many schools talk about “cyberbullying” and preparing students for defending themselves online or even using “cyberbulling” as a reason not to give students Internet access unless under strict supervision of a teacher.

My question is why teachers are concerned about online bullying rather than addressing the face to face issues that their students are having with their peers. The Skin I’m In provides the opportunity for a “living through” experience as Louise Rosenblatt would say and allows students to read through the eyes of someone who is picked on constantly.

So why are we bringing in “experts” to “teach” our students about “cyberbulling” when there is quality young adult literature (award winning in fact) that addresses the same issues better and in a more realistic manner?