Sneak Peek Inside My #ASW12 Roundtable

As a reading teacher, this graphic was essential in detecting and dissecting disconnects with students who were struggling readers. Understanding that there are three distinct cueing systems that work together to help readers make meaning, if a student was struggling to make meaning that means there was one cueing system that needed strengthening.

Helping to uncover which cueing system needed strengthening was sometimes a very quick diagnose and others times an arduous year-long task. Then, once the cueing system was determined appropriate strategies still had to determined.

Teaching kids to read isn’t easy.

What if we applied this same kind of thinking to affiliate marketing? Would it look something like this?

So if you are a struggling affiliate marketer, then one of your cueing systems needs strengthening. Sometimes it’s an easy diagnose, sometimes it’s an arduous task.

Even after you identify which cueing system needs strengthening, you have to develop strategies that will make that possible.

Affiliate Marketing isn’t easy.