Guard Your Core, Cover Your Ears

There’s something about the cold weather that makes me want to…

go for a run.

Yes, I do realize that for most people the 32 degree weather isn’t an invitation to go running, but there’s something about bundling up that makes me feel strong and ready to take on the world. No matter how long you last, you are hardcore because you are trying to run in the frigid weather.

There a couple of critical steps to cold running:

  • Guard your core
  • Cover your ears

If you concentrate on keeping these two critical areas warm, then you will be able to last longer and run farther.

As I was running today, I was thinking about how maybe that’s a good reminder to teachers just starting back and new affiliates who are about to experience Affiliate Summit for the first time.

Know you are at your very core. Hold onto your passions and beliefs. Or as my grandmother always said, “Remember who you are.” Although it’s intimidating to be a new affiliate and encounter super affiliates for the first time, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have something valuable to offer or that you don’t have a great idea. Guard your core.

In the midst of back-to-school meetings and sessions at Affiliate Summit, hold on to what you know. You have read and you have researched, so at times cover your ears when the information doesn’t pertain to you or to what your business needs. Don’t let even the experts derail you and make you forget why you got into the world of affiliate marketing in the first place.