A Cup of Coffee with a Dash of Gospel

As I share my thoughts about this crazy journey that has been my life, I am continually surprised and overwhelmed by the support and encouragement that comes from the most unlikely place.

For example, this morning I had to stop to fill up my car again (yes, that would make twice in two days) and I ran into the store to get a cup of coffee to finish off my commute. The cashier asked me if I had a rewards card and I answered no. She responded, “Oh I’ll just use mine. Oh look your coffee’s free.” This lady didn’t even know me, but she took the time to see me (maybe it was the circles under my eyes), but she looked beyond herself to make my day a little better.

And maybe that’s what this whole ministry thing is about. Maybe, it’s less about the scheduled events and more about the unexpected events and ways that we interact with people and help restore the belief that we can live in a world where people care about strangers and who offer hospitality even when it seems like it wouldn’t make a difference.

Because sometimes one cup of coffee can change even a preacher’s perspective about what the gospel message is and where it should be preached. Maybe, just maybe, the preaching occurs on the way as we encounter people, yes, especially strangers. It seems we have a pretty strong example for that type of ministry.