Day 2 of Icy Conditions as a Pastor

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The night brought more ice and refrozen ice and power outages.

Our power was fine, but when my phone dinged with the Civil Emergency Notice, I knew it was time to start checking on my congregants. Already one missed call as I fixed my first cup of coffee. Yup, one person without power. Thinking through options and how to get food or heaters or something and then a phone call beeped in. The power company calling to say they are working in his area. Whew!

How are other people doing? Do they have power? Do they have enough food? Suddenly, I wish the directory had a list of people with 4Wheel Drive and generators, just in case. Pastoring a church in the middle of SC only hours from a coast, it doesn’t seem that this is something that you would have to think about or poll your congregations, but today that would have been helpful.