When You Come to the End of a Road

An oft quoted Robert Frost poem says: “Two roads diverged in a woods – and I took the one less traveled.” I’ve always took this to tout the importance of making your own way in the world and not following the crowd, but I have to admit that there are not many times in my life that I’ve encountered two paths: one that looked well-worn and the other that looked well-traveled.

In my experience, it has been more often the case that I come to the end of a road.

The end of a school year –

the end of a particular season of parenting –

the end of a call –

the end of time in a home we’ve loved and that has loved us.

At those ends almost never are there two paths waiting. Instead at the end of the path is the wilderness, unpaved, untested way or the choice to turn back around in reflection and see if you missed a turn somewhere along the way. When I have come to these ends in my own life, I finding myself standing still and wondering which way to go. Do I head into the wilderness and into the unknown or do I turn back and retrace my steps to see if I missed an open road?

More often than not, at the end of that road I hear that same still, small voice calling to me from the wilderness, “Come and see!” I have been to the wilderness before. I know that call means that I won’t know what’s ahead. I know there will be scrapes and bruises. I know there will be wandering and wondering and I know I will not be alone.

When the road ends, I realize I have been here many times before. I know this path won’t be the easiest, but it will bring new inspiration and new revelation and so I walk on.