digital literacy

What Happens When Teachers Can’t Keep Up?

Unfortunately, this type of story is not uncommon: Josh Pickett had a problem: his teacher couldn’t mark his homework. The cause of the problem: his teacher, who had set his Information and Communication Technology (ICT) class the challenge of “design and create a multimedia product”, had expected people to come up with a PowerPoint presentation. …

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Facebooking with Students

Many districts and principals are actively fighting against teachers facebooking with students. Is this restriction impeding student success and disconnecting the classroom from the interactive world that students engage on a daily basis? Yes. Yes, I Facebook with students.  In fact, I accept every request they send my way, because it is an incredible way …

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Gaming in the Classroom

There is a countermovement of teachers who are encouraging digital literacy development in their classroom rather than falling prey to the standardization movement. What is this countermovment offering their students? Time to play. For early childhood specialist, play has always been considered an essential part of a child’s overall development, but some teachers are taking …

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