I Recommend….Reading

I’ll be the first to admit that I read books based on friend recommendations, not Amazon’s recommendations. So when I read this: But there may be a hope for aspiring writers, yet. Social networking is bringing the gatekeeper – the human recommendation – back to the forefront of culture consumption, and new models are cropping …

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Abandoning Books

I know from a teaching perspective that it’s important to teach students that it’s ok to abandon books. You don’t have to love every book that you put your hands on and you don’t have to finish every book that you start. And I know that it’s important to model what you teach, but I …

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Summer Reading

Having been released from the demands of 5 classes of reading, I’ve enjoyed the freedom to read from the long to read list that I’ve been building since January! Here are a couple that I’ve read that I’d highly recommend: Ender’s Game: I have to admit that I’ve never been into Sci-Fi, but I think …

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