Something has slipped

A college education professor has to advise her teacher candidates not to connect with their students because of the “Facebook Law:”

“It’s just better not to connect that way,” Talbut said.

She said she thinks one thing schools could do to benefit students and teachers when it comes to communicating online would be for them to teach digital citizenship, like what is and what is not appropriate online.

Even though Talbut advises her students not to connect with their future students online, she is not thrilled about the law.

“I think this is a case of the legislators not understanding what goes on in the classroom, and what technology is impacting,” she said, “so what they do is ban it rather than understand it and teach how to work with it.”

How are teachers supposed to teach digital literacy or without being able to model good  ” digital citizenship” as Talbut calls it?

When are legislators going to stop making decisions for what is best for teachers?

When are teachers going to speak up for themselves?

Something has slipped

not only in Chicago.

something has slipped in towns everywhere across america,

in maine and in kansas,

in oregon and indiana and vermont,

something has slipped and as a result

we are all


back towards the dark ages.

Witness by Karen Hesse