Facebook for Affiliate

Teaching in the midst of standardization makes it hard to help foster unique individuals and the way they learn.

Affiliate marketing is not really that different. For new affiliates just coming into the world of affiliate marketing, the established super affiliates are daunting.

They have a plan.

They have a purpose.

And you feel lost.

Understandably, you find it hard to chose which social media avenues to pursue and which to leave unexplored.

Currently Facebook boasts somewhere in excess of 400 million users and growing. You’ve probably heard this line by now, but If it were a country it would be the third largest in the world behind China and India only. There’s a pretty good bet that some members of your ideal target customer reside in and visit Facebook land, but the trick is to find them.

Then again, maybe you will drive traffic to your site by becoming known for not pursuing facebook as an affiliate.